Worldwide Instant Delivery

At each second, every day, millions of people travel all over the world. It is the fastest way to deliver anything, anytime, anywhere. Each trip becomes a delivery.


How it works

Logistic internet model

Based on the internet model and as opposed to older hub logistic models, the LivingPackets are traveling with voyagers (you, us, millions of people at each second everyday) directly between the cities in a straight line. Faster, cheaper, greener.

Nobody offers our level of Safety and Security

You are permanently connected to your shipment and LivingPackets Voyagers protect it as your private delivery “bodyguard”.

LivingPackets, our patented* technology

LivingPackets technology

Our patented* LivingPackets protect the content. You have full control: you can check and track your shipment at each second. Interact and get in touch.

Designed for Voyagers & Customers

3 sizes of LivingPackets: easy to send, easy to carry! Same contribution, same reward for all sizes.

Download LivingPackets App for free

Mobile App coming soon

Sponsor LivingPackets

Sponsor LivingPackets

Each sponsoring increases the number of LivingPackets available in the world. Sponsor LivingPackets and become a Sharing Angel, you will be rewarded each time LivingPackets travel. We share our renting revenue 50/50 with you. Sounds crazy? Just fair!

A fair Profit-Sharing model

Profit Sharing model

Profit Sharing model

In the older capitalistic model the profits are always going one-way to the shareholders. In the LivingPackets profit-sharing model, we share 50% of our revenues with all people contributing to our success. Just fair.

Our Sharing Angel Proposition

Multiply your sponsor

Anybody can become a Sharing Angel and get 50% of our worldwide profits...

High Reward Potential

Multiply your sponsor

... and multiply your rewards as Customer, Voyager or Guardian.

Join LivingPackets as...

LivingPackets community

Each Sharing Angel is welcome to become also an active member of our community. As an active Sharing Angel, you get a higher reward priority, «Those who contribute the most, get the most».

Learn more about our community

LivingPackets Become a voyager

Instant & Simple: It costs you nothing and it can bring you a lot!  If you are a Sharing Angel and you register as Voyager, you can get your rewards faster and sponsor even more LivingPackets.

You travel often? Why not be rewarded for it? No obligation, nothing special to do! Just register online: you will be informed if a LivingPacket is available for your destination. You will get for ex: 10€ for a one way trip and 20€ for a return trip. Your choice.

Safety first! Each customer is checked.  The content of each bag is photographed and controlled.  The guardian gives you all the information needed. You can check the content anytime, as needed.

LivingPackets Become a customer

Instant & Simple: If you are a Sharing Angel and registered as Customer, you can get your rewards faster and sponsor even more LivingPackets.

You wish a very safe international delivery within few hours? Use LivingPackets. No obligation, nothing special to do! Just register online and book your destination.

Safety first! Each Voyager is ID checked and you can check their Profile and ranking. You can follow your shipment in real time and check anytime shocks, temperature and content with the built-in camera! Your items will arrive at destination within few hours, as you can see it on your App!. Cheaper, Faster, Safer, Greener, Amazing!

LivingPackets Become a guardian

Instant & Simple: It costs you nothing and it can bring you a lot! If you are a Sharing Angel and you register as Guardian, you can get your rewards faster and sponsor even more LivingPackets.

You already have a shop and wish to increase your income? No need to change anything, just register online and welcome voyagers as potential customers for your business. You will be informed before they arrive. Check the LivingPackets content with them in seconds. You will get 2 € for every LivingPackets which transits through your store.

Become a Crew Member

Instant & Simple: As a train or flying Crew Member, you get many advantages just by registering. LivingPackets travel worldwide with every Train and every Airplane, and since you travel all the time, why not join us and get highly rewarded?

You get double rewards as Crew Voyager & Sharing Angel. First as Voyager, for each trip and second as Sharing Angel (2 $/€) for each Sponsorship in the world, even if you don't travel yourself.

Become a Mobile Guardian

Instant & Simple: As Messenger, Lyft, Didi, or Uber Driver, you get many advantages just by registering. In each town, Customers require door to door pick-ups and deliveries for their urgent international LivingPackets shipments. Therefore we need you :-)

You get double rewards as Mobile Guardian & Sharing Angel. First for your trip (you get 100% of your trip), and second as Sharing Angels (2 $/€) for each Sponsorship in the world, even if you don't travel yourself. … additionally you even get from us our Voyagers as potential clients at train stations and airports… where you may drive anyhow for Livingpackets! With LivingPackets in your trunk (free) you are automatically a Mobile Guardian. We take no provision on your services (you get 100% of your trip)... moreover we share our profits with you (2 $/€ per trip), since you help us.

FAQ : Some answers to your questions

Some Questions


Follow us or, even better, join our fantastic adventure, as our LivingPackets community grows faster and faster... step by step.

January 2016

Creation of the
LivingPackets concept

July 2016

LivingPackets first prototypes
LivingPackets first prototypes

September 2016

First Paris-London trip test
First Paris-London trip test

October 2016

LivingPackets SA Switzerland start up
with 1 million CHF in capital

December 2016

LivingPackets SAS France start up
with 1 million € in capital

January 2017

Daily deliveries Paris-London begin
with our first Customers

March 2017

Launch of the
CrowdSharing campaign

LivingPackets ag Germany start up
with 500 k€ in capital

April 2017

Munich-Paris-London lines daily
Munich-Paris-London lines daily deliveries

June 2017

Mass production beginning

September 2017

European deliveries
One new LivingPackets Line each month

LivingPackets USA, China ?

Official Launching Worldwide

Discover more about LivingPackets