About LivingPackets

LivingPackets is an ambitious start-up on a mission to make sending international, instant deliveries a reality for everyone. We are making it more affordable, accessible and safe than ever before, while eliminating the need for packaging. This means you can send and receive an item anywhere in Europe within a few hours without ever losing track of it.

Based on the sharing economy model, LivingPackets believes in the values of sharing and collaboration. This is why we have created a new profit-sharing model that will change the way we do business.

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The team

LivingPackets team

LivingPackets is a young & dynamic team that believes in a greener and fairer world.


Denis CEO
CEO France

Mechanical engineer and architect of gearboxes for Peugeot PSA brand, Denis address new challenge by developing thermodynamic heating solutions at Atlantic SA group. Today Sharing is his most beautiful human challenge, let’s go passion.

Marie Le Page

With over 15 years’ experience, Marie’s career to date has been spent in the arena of journalism, commercial strategy and business management – both in the corporate world and in the non-profit sector.

Alex Cotte
CEO Germany

Alexander Cotte is the CEO the VividChain AG, a sister Company of LivingPackets. He founded his first company at 16 and has built 7 more companies in different fields since then, all of them with the intention to make the world a better place by creating unique and sustainable products and business models.

Pierre-Alain Cotte
Global CEO Group

Pierre-Alain is a passionate founder and co-founder of several High-Tech companies in France, USA (Silicon Valley) and Germany, mainly in the fields of hardware (Multimedia, Video, 3D), software and Internet. Several of those companies are publicly traded on the NASDAQ and in Europe.

President CEO France

Laurent learned entrepreneurship thanks to 2 personal ventures. His experience covers the medical sector and hybrid/mechatronic solutions he worked in over ten years for the Peugeot PSA Group. Then, he joined the European leader specialized in heating systems, in order to create a new department dedicated to innovative connected home appliances. He learned the value of effort through triathlon and mountain bike he practiced at high level competition.

Jean-François Design
Chief Design

Jean-François is a passionate Industrial designer. He co-founded and was CEO of the design agency "Revert & Chevalier" for 29 years. His most well-known customers include: Nestlé, Bic, Numatics, Bull Nespresso, Perrier, as well as many others. He won several design awards. He studied design at the Ecole Boulle and ENSAD in Paris.

Thomas LLC Suisse
Chief Legal Officer

Thomas is an attorney-at-law specialising in international ventures and transactions which he also teaches as Professor at the Business School of the University of Lausanne (HEC). He has also co-founded  more than twenty start up companies and is the inventor of the interactive music score under the Tomplay brand which he has launched together with his son.

Chief Accounting Officer Group

With 8 years of experience in fiduciary and 15 years’ experience in SMEs as an accountant, Steeve founded his own Accounting Services Company in 2008. He manages all the accounting, financial, administrative and HR aspects of companies, mainly start-ups.

CTO Germany

Fabian is the CTO of VividChain AG, a sister company of LivingPackets. He founded several internet companies and a full service agency along the years. His overall vision is to use technology as a multiplier to enable a more sustainable and fair way of working and living together for everyone.


Stéphane Lerays
Head of Sales France
Jonathan Harvey
Community Manager

Jonathan Harvey is the Community Manager of LivingPackets and a core team member as well. He aims to communicate and build up a true community around this project. As a digital native, he spends most of his work time browsing through the different social media and the website he manages.

Suzy One
Graphic Designer
Carole - Project leader
Project Manager


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