Deliveries in Hours
On-demand Crowd Delivery Technology
A new
Profit-Sharing Model
Get Unlimited Revenue
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Every day millions of people travel all over the world,

now they can deliver your goods with smart and secure LivingPackets

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1. Book your delivery

Use our mobile app or website to enter details and destination.

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2. Place your item in a LivingPacket

No packaging needed. Your item is safe and tracked.

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3. Delivery in hours

A trusted & friendly Voyager brings it to destination, and gets paid for that service.

Greener delivery: no packaging, no additional CO2, no waste. Our LivingPackets are 500 times reusable!

Unrivalled level of safety !

Personal details of both the customer and voyager, and the content are checked at every step of the process. 

LivingPackets are fully connected and secured.

You can track your LivingPacket in real-time.

Become a Sharing Angel

Sponsor now & get rewarded

Participate in producing the LivingPackets and get rewarded each time they travel.
Become a Customer

Send your goods at the speed of light

Need to ship something at an affordable price? It all starts here.
Become a Voyager

Make your journeys profitable

Keep on traveling, grab a LivingPacket and get rewarded
Become a Guardian

Store LivingPackets & capitalize

Store some LivingPackets and welcome new customers. You will be rewarded.