Instant Delivery Service

National and international deliveries in hours
with permanent tracking!


with us!

We share 50% of our profit with you !

Download the App to send a parcel or become a Voyager.

Every day millions of people travel around the world,
so we’re turning those journeys into deliveries.

This enables a safer, greener and more efficient delivery system that benefits everyone.

1. Book your delivery

Book your delivery: Use our website or mobile app to enter your details and destination

2. Place your item in a LivingPacket

No extra packaging is needed, and your item is safe and fully tracked

3. Delivery in hours

Delivery in hours: One of our trusted, friendly Voyagers will personally take it to its destination, and is paid for its service

Fully protected. Totally secure. No wasteful packaging.

Unparalleled security

We fully check out the Customer, Voyager and contents of the parcel at every step of the process. All LivingPackets are connected, secure and you can track them in real-time.

Crowdfund with us and be rewarded

Become a Sharing Angel by sponsoring LivingPackets to join our profit-sharing scheme. Each time a LivingPacket travels, we reward our Sharing Angels' community with 2€/$. Each LivingPacket travels up to 100 times a year, so over five years it can take 500 trips and make 1000$/€ for you.

Top tip!
Increase your profit by using your rewards to sponsor even more LivingPackets; you can sponsor up to 1000 of them.

Become a Sharing Angel

Send your item overseas quickly and securely

There’s no faster, safer and greener delivery system than LivingPackets. Simply book a delivery on the mobile app, drop your item into the LivingPacket, then track it in real-time. It’s super easy, fuss free and eco-friendly.

Top tip!
You can chat with the Voyager carrying your item in real-time.

Why not make money when you travel?

Simply check the app before you travel. Delivering a LivingPacket is totally secure and won’t take much of your time. There’s no need to pre-arrange or meet with anyone. Just pick up and drop off at one of our trusted Guardian stores (located in every train station and airport), where it’s fully security checked, and then you get paid. It’s really that easy.

Top tip!
You can take more than one LivingPacket on any trip.

Want to boost your shop business?

If you run a shop and want to engage with new customers, you can become a LivingPackets drop-off and collection point. You’ll receive 2€/$ each time a LivingPacket travels through your store.

Top tip!
Promote your brand to our international community.

Send your items at the speed of light
a unique, instant delivery solution for


Track your shipment in real-time

Retail & E-commerce

Worldwide delivery in hours

Corporate & Enterprise

Reliable. Secure. Fast.

International delivery
in few hours
Secure and connected packaging
starts from just 18€/£
fully-insured service

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