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This is not a crowdfunding campaign, it’s CrowdSharing

Crowdfunding VS CrowdSharing

We strongly believe in the values of sharing and collaboration. When you help us by funding our project, we will share our success with you as soon as we start generating revenue. 

As part of our Sharing Angels community you will receive 50% of our revenue from day one, over a period of five years. We are not fundraising from the crowd like many start-ups (crowdfunding), instead we are sharing our success with the crowd, fairly and equally. This is why we call it CrowdSharing.

A fair, profit-sharing model

Sharing Profit Model

For each delivery, the Voyager gets 10$/€, the Guardian gets 2$/€ and the Sharing Angels community gets 50% of the profit generated. 

With LivingPackets, everybody helps and everybody wins.

Our Sharing Angel Proposition

Sharing Angel proposition

Become a Sharing Angel and you will be rewarded each time LivingPackets travel. Sound crazy? No, it’s just fair!

High Reward Potential

High Potential rewards

Join LivingPackets as...

Joins us as

Sharing Angels are also welcome to become active members of our community. As an active Sharing Angel, you will get even more rewards. «Those who contribute the most, get the most back».

Same contribution, same rewards for all sizes

A choice of three sizes. Choose the perfect LivingPacket for your needs. Simple to use and easy to carry.

FAQ : Some answers to your questions

Some Questions


Follow us! Or even better, join our adventure as our LivingPackets community becomes bigger and better. 

January 2016

Creation of the
LivingPackets concept

July 2016

LivingPackets first prototypes
LivingPackets first prototypes

September 2016

First Paris-London trip test
First Paris-London trip test

October 2016

LivingPackets SA Switzerland starts up
with 1 million CHF in capital

December 2016

LivingPackets SAS France starts up
with 1 million € in capital

March 2017

Launch of the
CrowdSharing campaign

LivingPackets AG Germany start up
with 500 k€ in capital

June 2017

Mass production begins

October 2017

First London-Paris delivery with a Voyager

Official Worldwide Launch